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Taylor J. Banks (LMSW, MDiv) is a therapist and therapeutic coach to pastors and leaders. Through her signature course The Leader’s Leader she provides a safe haven for pastors and industry leaders to heal privately. Her work with industry leaders helps them to cultivate inner peace, increase productivity and income, and improve relational contentment while also gaining skills to manage the stress that comes with the demand of leadership. 


Taylor also serves as a mental health consultant for pastors and leaders as she assists them in creating an organizational culture that is mentally and emotionally healthy. She provides training and workshops that cover a variety of topics such as Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Burnout, and more. 


Taylor is also the founder of Woman In Pursuit a ministry and movement that positions girls and women for holistic success as they pursue God in purpose, prayer, relationships, health, and wealth. Taylor is a graduate of Boston College (BA, 2012) Fordham University (MSW, 2015), and New York Theological Seminary (MDiv, 2016). 

Speaker. Author. Counselor.

Taylor Made

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