7 Prayers For my Future Spouse

The first time I encountered the phrase “praying for my future spouse” was while reading When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy in March of 2012. I was very uncomfortable with the idea of doing so. I contemplated praying for my future husband but ultimately I decided that would be an inappropriate way to spend a portion of my prayer time – when I could be focused on so many other things. Over the next two years, God confronted me through dreams and the ministries of people that I needed to begin praying for him. It wasn’t until after browsing books on amazon in 2014 that I came across a book called Praying for Your Future Husband by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer. At this point God had been dealing with me about my future husband, family and our ministry. I could no longer avoid what He was instructing me to do.

I pray as a means of covering my future spouse so that we can bring glory to God in His due time. I have learned that God is deeply concerned with who we will spend our lives with. The more I pursued God’s purpose for my life, the more God revealed how my spouse would fit into my purpose. He has set aside a person for each of us that are called to be married that will push us towards fulfilling the purpose he has for our lives. This purpose ultimately will bring glory to God and add more souls to the kingdom.

Second, I pray because the sad truth is that it is extremely difficult for men to live a pure life in submission to Christ with contrary messages inundating them from the media. The world says it’s okay to have sex before marriage, it’s okay to juggle multiple women until you find the one, you need to test drive before marriage, you should live together before marriage etc. The truth is my future husband needs my prayers to cover him and protect him. I am invested in making sure that he reaches the place God destined for him while he was in his mother’s womb. Here is a list of some of my prayers for my future spouse: To pursue God’s heart and purpose for his life

1. To pursue God’s heart and purpose for his life.

2. The ability to trust God through every season.

3. That God would guard his heart, eyes and ears.

4. For the ability to lead.

5 For balance of family, friends and ministry.

6. Healing in all areas

7. Obedience and commitment to God

I now realize the importance of me praying for my future spouse. You may be struggling with if it is God ordained for you to pray for your future spouse. I want you to know prayer is the best gift that you can give you future spouse while in your single season.

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