When I was a young girl I made a vow to not have sex until marriage. Like many girls growing up in church, I wanted to keep the precious gift that my mom and pastor said that I had. So I made it clear with the two boyfriends I had that sex was non-negotiable and they obliged, but, what about everything else? The truth is many of us can say no to sex but our stance on kissing, fondling, dry humping, and masturbation can be blurry. When it was suggested for me to engage in these other activities I didn’t have as strong a response because my focus was just on the “virginity”. I was pure as long as I did NOT have sex, right? Wrong.

Romans 12:1 says this, present your bodies a living sacrifice, which is your reasonable service. Our bodies include our hearts, minds, and eyes. The life that we live is to be an offering of worship. It is the least we can do for someone who died for a sinful people to have access to grace and mercy for things He would never even do. God convicted and challenged me about my so called pure and holy life. I cannot say I am saved, filled with his spirit and commit actions that are not pleasing in His eyes. If anything I was a walking, talking, breathing hypocrite and making a mockery of the God I served.

After God told me all about myself, I began the journey of allowing him to restore and sanctify what I had dirtied up. Was it easy, no? Worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I had to make some significant changes. I stopped listening to secular music because NO you cannot listen to baby making R&B and not expect to want to engage in the actions. I made sure to not watch things that would make me have unclean thoughts that will eventually lead to unclean actions. I began praying, fasting and meditating every chance I got.

In return for pursuing a holy life, I have discovered a love that I never knew the extent to which existed. I discovered a person that is now irreplaceable in my life. I learned of insecurities and weaknesses that I once tried to fill with fleshly desires. I became the person that was underneath the mess and brokenness. I found my best friend – Jesus. In actuality finding Him – helped me to find me, love me, and love others.

I am now intentional with living a life that is pleasing to Him and not my flesh which makes it easier to do so. I challenge you to think about your definition of purity. Re-evaluate what you think about, watch, and listen to. Is it pushing you toward our savior or infiltrating your heart and separating you from Christ? Don’t be ashamed of what your “issue” is because we all have one. God can deliver you from whatever you need to be delivered from – His capabilities are limitless!

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