Do you believe you are being held captive by the spirit of rejection, shame and abandonment? Have you been praying to be free from it, but it seems like it still has a hold on you? Are you ready to be free?


Roots is an e-course that will help you to be free from rejection, abandonment and shame. One of the main reasons people cannot be free from these and many other spirits is because they try to treat symptoms instead of the root issue. Healing and deliverance from these toxic spirits requires you to trace back to the entry point of the spirit. The entry point is typically an early childhood experience or relationship that we try to suppress or ignore.


Over the course of 5 weeks I will walk you through an approach created by me called ROOT WORK. It combines self-talk, solution focused, and cognitive behavior therapy practices with biblical principles.


During this course you will:

1. Safely confront your past

2. Locate the entry points of rejection, shame and abandonment

3. Uproot these spirits from its entry point

4. Establish new thought patterns & behaviors

5. Learn the signs of rejection, abandonment and shame

6. Learn about these spirits through biblical case studies

7. Be positioned to walk in freedom, live out purpose and be whole