This is a special for Woman Emerge conference attendees who desure to work one on one with Taylor for a short term period. You will receive 4 sessions that must be used between February & March. 

Woman Emerge Special

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$800.00Sale Price

  • I understand that my desired products and services are constructed based on a biblical approach to counseling, coaching and teaching, which includes biblical principles and values.

    I agree to adhere to the financial costs and guidelines of my services and understand full payment is due at the time of scheduling a service.

    By selecting any products or services, I am granting permission for Taylor J. Banks and team, to render counseling, coaching and/or teaching services to me.

    I understand that Taylor J. Banks may terminate services for noncompliance with agenda of care and/or agreed upon administrative issues, failure to keep or cancel appointments, criminal misconduct, violence, or other similar issues.

    By moving forward with any services, I am indicating the following:

    1) I have read the Terms & Conditions.
    2) I agree with and understand with the information stated in the Terms & Conditions of service.
    3) I am entering into the selected services at my own will and understand that I am solely responsible for my own development, growth and transformation.

    PLEASE NOTE: The information you provide to Taylor will be guarded to the fullest extent possible. As an online-based business and service, we do offer absolute confidentiality unless necessary information must be shared with the appropriate parties (ex. known or suspected abuse of any kind, the intent to take criminal actions or violence against another person, credible suicidal thoughts or intentions.)