What is the Woman In Pursuit Aacdemy? A 6 month mentorship program where you will grown intentionally, intensely and holistically in all of the things.


Where will classes take place? Classes will be held on Zoom on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 8:30PM EST.


Will there be a replay link? Yes. We encourage all academy members to join us live but if you cannot, do not worry.


How much will it cost monthly? $79.99


What does my membership include?

  • Two monthly masterclasses

  • Monthly Gift

  • One virtual social activity


What topics will we cover? 

  • Monthly Topics may include: Biblical Exegesis, Deliverance, Debt Cancellation,  Health (Mental & Physical & Sexual), Womanhood/Feminity, Spiritual Gifts and much more

Woman In Pursuit Academy (Monthly Deposit)