I teach women in ministry, media and marketplace how to confront and heal from past trauma, weaponize their stories, and execute their God given vision.

i'm Taylor Made


the “Therapeutic Coach” positions women for holistic success as a speaker, author, mentor and counselor.

i'm Taylor Made


Taylor J. Banks (LMSW, MDiv), affectionately known as "Taylor Made" and the “Purpose Pusher” positions women for holistic success as a speaker, author, mentor
and counselor.


Taylor began her pursuit of wholeness and freedom when she went beyond the usual comforts of family and her home church and attended Boston College.

On the floor of her college dormitory, she began pursuing the heart of God. What started off as a journey that focused on her spiritual healing and success has transformed into the pursuit of success in every area of life: spiritual, financial, relational, womanhood, and mental and physical health, etc. It is now her desire to help position other women to do the same.



Woman in Pursuit


“Working with Taylor is what I need in my life right now. She challenges to find the root to toxic behaviors and thinking. Then she helps me uproot those things and heal. I have learned a lot about myself and how God sees me. Her guidance keeps me focused on God’s purpose for my life.”

Providence, Rhode Island

“Taylor has been a huge inspiration in my life. Under her tutelage I’ve experienced an enormous amount of spiritual, mental and intellectual growth. Assisting me in every turn, I’ve never felt as though she wasn’t there. I couldn’t have asked for more in a mentor at a time of my life that I desperately needed one.”

Long Island, NY

“I learned that I have a lot of emotional healing to be done. I learned that I need to feed my spirit with the word of God to build my confidence and relationship with him. I am growing. I am becoming a better person.”

New York, New York