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I'm a therapeutic coach and therapist known as the Leader's Leader. I provide a safe haven for you, as an industry leader to transform and heal from the inside out.


As a leader, you can't afford to have anything tampering with your ability to hear, see and think. Unresolved hurt distorts your ability to do these effectively and healthily. 

Healing is the gift as a leader that keeps on giving to you and those connected to you. You deserve to heal and thrive in your public and private life.

Hi, I'm Taylor!


the “Therapeutic Coach” provides a safe place for leaders to land and heal.

Why should you work with me?


You no longer want the residue from yesterday to impede the success of your today.

You don’t want your relationships to suffer because of your lack of development.

More importantly, you want to go home every night and be at peace with yourself.


The Leaders Leader

The Leader’s Leader is Taylor’s signature program for industry leaders ready to invest in their personal

1. You’re a high achieving industry leader
2. You’re ready to invest in your healing and transformation 
3. You’re willing to do the work on you
4. You desire inner peace, increased productivity, improved relationship quality
5. You want to increase client/member retention

1. You don’t want to elevate your business, ministry, or relationships
2. You don’t want inner peace
3. You don’t want skills to manage stressors
4. You don’t want to do the work to be an even better you


Is For You If:

Is Not For You If:

How It Works:

  1. Complete Your Application.  

  2. Schedule Your Consultation.

  3. Enroll In The Program.           



As a leader, many people depend on your ability to operate at your maximum capacity. That capacity is dependent on your personal emotional and mental wellness. When you are thriving in your wellness your business, ministry, employees, members, clients etc. thrive as well.

6 Step Resolve Method

You will Revisit unresolved hurtful events and relationships.

You will Reveal generational patterns to undo.

You will Release by forgiving yourself and others.

You will Reattach by identifying your current attachment style and learning healthier ways to attach to others in business, ministry, family etc. 

You will Rethink by shifting current unhelpful thinking styles to thoughts that produce wanted behaviors.

You will Respond differently to stressors by learning and implementing coping skills.




You can’t afford to cap your capacity by avoiding, denying, or ignoring the places within you that need to be healed and transformed. As a leader you need vision that is not distorted by past hurt, betrayal, disappointment etc. Healing from your yesterday, helps you see the future clearer!

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